Our courses

Training and Learning Opportunities:
ACE works primarily with the awarding body ASDAN for which ACE is a registered centre.

ACE offers the Towards Independence Award course which has several modules associated with it.
Towards Independence offers formal recognition for small steps in achievement towards a larger goal. Modules can be used separately and accumulated to build a record of personal achievement.
It provides a framework of activities through which personal, social and independence skills can be developed and accredited.

The modules fall into 6 different themes which are all interlinked:

  1. Creative studies
  2. Independent living skills
  3. Cultural
  4. Leisure and Recreation
  5. Personal development/Citizenship/PSHE
  6. Work related

Creative Studies: - Making Pictures, Using a digital Camera and Practical Skills.
Independent Living Skills:- Meal Preparation and Cooking, Money and Using Transport.
Cultural:- Current Affairs, Popular Culture and The Wider World.
Leisure and Recreation:- Hobbies and Interests, Out in the Community and Visiting Places
Personal Development/Citizenship:- Citizenship, Out in the Community and Self Advocacy
Work Related:- Practical Workshop, Using a Computer and Work Awareness
Additionally, there is a ‘Starting Out’ module which is mandatory. This module enables learners to be helped to recognise achievements and plan targets and challenges which can then be developed through further modules.

All of these modules are portfolio based and learners work at their own pace and level, under the supervision of enthusiastic and qualified staff, in completing each chosen module. All modules have English, Maths and Information Communication Technology embedded within them.

The Employability course develops English, Maths and Information Communication Technology skills which can help to improve the learners' employment potential:

At Entry Level 2 the course consists of 3 mandatory units and 8 optional units (10 at Entry Level 3). No pressure is put on learners as they work at their own pace and there are no exams - all work is portfolio based.
Each completed unit is accredited individually and the learner will achieve the full Employability Qualification when 8 units are successfully completed.